Tuna & Mackerel Plant

The factory is built on a total area of 10,692 sqm with high end fully integrated supply chain.

Tuna & Mackerel Plant operates by 2 main lines.

 Tuna processing line

  • The tuna processing line constitutes of:
  • -Tuna preparation and cleaning line.

    -Tuna filling and portioning line.

    -Two tuna pre-cookers.

    -Seven autoclaves for Tuna final cooking.

    -Packaging Line.


Sardine & Mackerel plant

  • Sardine & Mackerel processing lines constitute of:

    -Mackerel and sardines filling and portioning line.

    -Mackerel and sardines processing plant.

    -Mackerel and sardines canning line.

    -Packaging line.